Dancer’s age is based on their age on 1st January 2022

Classes incorporate stunting, lifting, balancing and throws with partners and groups. Cheerleading includes dance and motions with and without poms, as well as tumbling skills! Everyone can be involved in cheer whether as a base or flyer no matter what age! Our cheerleading program consists of classes open to everyone as well as an invitation only team.

A fun dance style incorporating kicks, leaps, turns and modern dance choreography. Styles can vary from that seen in Broadway shows and movies, through to commercial styles seen in music videos and corporate events. This form of dance develops style, strength, flexibility, coordination and technique. Our jazz program consists of classes open to everyone (split into ages), as well as invitation only teams. Jazz classes start in our Pre School Jazz for 3 to 5yr olds and goes all the way through to our adult jazz class!

We also offer ‘Jazz Extension’ classes for those who want to push their jazz technique to the next level. The jazz extension class is a technique only class (no concert routine) and works primarily on kicks, leaps, turns and combinations, excelling student’s progress! Students must be taking a jazz class to be able to add jazz extension to their training.

A form of dance where rhythmic and syncopated sounds are created by clicking taps on the heels and toes of a dancer’s shoes. This lively, rhythmic tapping makes the performer not just a dancer, but also a percussive musician. Tap teaches a sense of rhythm, timing and precision. Our tap program consists of classes open to everyone (split into ages), as well as an advanced class.

Ballet is a disciplined form of dance that instils poise, grace, strength and flexibility. Classical ballet technique and terminology taught with emphasis on correct body placement and proper use of turnout. This style includes: Barre and centre exercises, as well as classical combinations and routines. Ballet classes start in our Pre School Ballet for 3 to 5yr olds and go all the way through!

For the dancers who want to push their classical ballet training, they can add ‘Classical Extension’ class to extend themselves and improve their technique faster. Those within this class who show proper form, strength and alignment will transition into higher level classical training by adding pointe work. Selections for pointe are made with a formal evaluation from the teacher, and then medical assessment from a specialised pointe physio.

Hip Hop is a street style dance combining some of today’s high energy movements like jazz, funk and break dance. This high energy class consists of rhythm & groove, and involves a lot of self-expression. Hip Hop is commonly seen in movies, television commercials and music videos. This class is a lot of fun for guys and girls of all ages, so our hip hop program has classes for everyone from age 5 and up, including our adult hip hop class! We also have a hip hop crew!

Contemporary dance builds a strong centre, and combines precision work with fluidity. This style of dance encourages self-expression, natural movement and personal interpretation while developing strength, flexibility and control. Our contemporary program offers classes to students from age 5 and up. It is strongly recommended that all contemporary students take a classical ballet class, as this is where the foundations of this dance style come from! Contemporary competition teams by invitation.

Lyrical is a dance style that blends elements of ballet & jazz. Lyrical dance is generally a little more fluid than ballet and also somewhat faster, although not as rapidly executed as jazz dance. Lyrical dance is also somewhat smoother and with an emotional connection to the music and storytelling, while still incorporating jumps, leaps, turns and floor work. Lyrical classes open to all ages 5+, plus lyrical competition teams.

Acrobatics for dancers aged walking to 3yrs! This class is a perfect introduction to music, climbing, rolling, balancing, stretching, and building strength in a FUN atmosphere! Based on the Acrobatic Arts Pre School Acro programme, this class will teach lots of acrobatic foundations in a loosely structured class allowing students to grow and develop at their own pace with their parent/guardian helping guide them through lots of equipment and activities

A perfect introduction to structured acrobatic classes, specially designed for our 3 to 5yr olds! Fun foundations, lots of equipment and introduction to skills structured for safety of little bodies! Students will work to learn and remember basics of strength, flexibility, tumbling, limbering and balancing, with end of term certificates and report cards, and lots of stickers through the term!

From age 5+ students are split into acrobatic levels based on flexibility, strength, stamina, limbering, tumbling, balancing and resilience. Turning Pointe has the most extensive acrobatic program with 10 levels to work through. New students start in level 1, while those with experience can book an assessment through our website. All acrobatic level classes cover all areas of acrobatic training, with some weeks spending more time on specific components, and others covering a little of everything! Students who want to excel in a specific area are encouraged to add a specialised class to their training on top of their level class (such as tumbling, partnering or flexibility).

Students are selected for this training, and will train 2.5h one day per week. Development students train in cardio/strength, limbering, balancing, partnering, group stunting, tumbling, flexibility/contortion, and team choreography. Their team/s competes in competitions through the year.

Students are selected for this training, and will train 6 – 7 hours per week (over two days). Competitive students train more in depth in cardio/strength, limbering, balancing, partnering, group stunting, tumbling, flexibility/contortion, and team choreography. Their team/s competes in competitions through the year.

This stream is for students who want to focus their acrobatic training primarily on partnering and stunting, whether as a base or flyer. They train 3.5h per week (over 2 nights) in this specialised area, while also maintaining their acro skills, and building their strength and flexibility.


The focus of this class is purely on building strength, shapes and drills to achieve tumbling skills. Such skills are rolls, roundoffs, aerials, back handsprings, back aerials and twisting. This class is a popular choice for those wanting to progress faster in landing tumbling skills.

Beginner – No pre requisites
Intermediate – Forward roll, roundoff, 1 handed cartwheels both ways, back handspring on wedge.
Advanced – 3 connected side aerials, roundoff sault, front handspring, handstand forward roll.

This class gives students the chance to focus on safely improving their flexibility in all areas including shoulders, neck, back and legs. Based on the Alixa Flexibility syllabi, this class teaches correct technique and control to help develop range of motion while maintaining strength to support the joints. Contortion elements are introduced as the individuals in the class are ready to attempt. Classes are open to all ages and recommended to anyone wanting to improve their flexibility, whether they take an acro class or not. This class is compulsory for some dance and acrobatic teams. Advanced classes will work on more acrobatic flexibility focused on contortion poses, balances and breathing.

Learn how to base or fly in partnering and group stunts for all levels! From basic floor balancing through to hand to hand this class will cover all types of partner inversions, lifts, throws, and so much more! FREE for TPPA parents/caregivers to do with their child!